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How can you work at home while we work in your home?

You have made a lot of significant adjustments to your life recently. For a lot of you, that includes the new routine of working from home. What would that look like as you consider starting that fancy master bathroom you’ve been dreaming of or that deck for your (social distancing) summer cookouts?

How can you work at home while we work in your home?

We’re committed to offering creative ways to make it as smooth a process as possible. 

It can even be...

  • Peaceful: We respect each other’s work. You have an important call from 11-11:30? We’ll take an early lunch outside or make sure we pause the power tools. And if there is a time of day we know will be particularly loud, we’ll give you as much notice as possible.
  • Productive: Let’s talk about creating a temporary alternative work space for you in your home further away from construction while we complete a project.
  • Fun! We work with fantastic tradesmen who are friendly and respectful.

Along with these promises, we’re thinking about innovative ways to ease communication and provide you with a cozy, productive work space.

Maybe we’ll have a command center where you can write down times of important meetings and we’ll record times of increased activity.

Maybe we’ll find a spot that’s hidden away and a little unconventional in your house for you to work in. We can ensure there is appropriate lighting, ventilation and wifi.

(Photo courtesy of, The Coherent Team)

Maybe we’ll even be able to offer a mobile tiny-office for rent during the duration of your project! Aren’t these the coolest?!

We want to hear from you! 

Do you have any unorthodox ideas for temporary, alternative office space? 

What are your reservations or hopes in terms of working from home during a renovation or addition? 


Or maybe you need a long-term office space since working from home is your new normal?

Watch for an upcoming post all about this!

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