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What do the Safety Procedures Look Like in Your Home?

We’ve laid out our new procedures for working safely during this time, but what does this mean for you, in your home?

Your home and the flow of your life within it is unique to you and your family. In addition to implementing our basic safety measures (masks, sanitizing surfaces, appropriate social distance, etc.) we will work with you to come up with a specific plan for your space that ensures safety, health, and efficiency.

To help you imagine what this may look like, here are two examples of recent projects we have completed working within our new safety measures.

Project 1: Basement Finishing

    Involving slightly less adjustment to our typical process, this project only required access to the basement which allowed us to simply close the door to the rest of the house at the top of the stairs. We then entered and exited only through the exterior basement door.

Project 2: Second floor remodel with additional first floor renovations

    In this case, we were able to use the backdoor which led to the stairway. We sectioned off this doorway and stairway entrance from the rest of the house with plastic to limit exposure to the family and to help keep the rest of the house free from construction dust and dirt (see photos below). Throughout the process, we coordinated with the homeowners to guarantee minimal interaction and in this case, it was necessary and within the family’s ability to leave for the day while we completed the first floor renovations.

No matter your home's layout, the safe and efficient completion of any project is possible. We will work with you to create custom safety measures each step of the way. The extra effort and temporary changes in your home are always well worth it in the end!

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