Deck Stairs Showing Contracting Remodeling Process

Our Process

For your convenience our experienced and knowledgeable team collaborates closely with our customers to handle every aspect of the building process, including preliminary planning and design before construction begins. We coordinate of all necessary permits, assign and schedule subcontractors, and prepare budgets to help you save time and money.

The HIS team understands the importance of effective communication throughout the building/remodeling process, and you will be involved in all critical decisions throughout the process.


How does it work?

Step 1: Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will meet with you for about an hour to get to know you and your project goals, budget, and timeline, and provide a general verbal estimate for free.  
If the complexity of the project does not allow for a verbal estimate at the time of the first visit, we will provide you with a written estimate shortly after this meeting.  
We understand that budget is a major factor in any project. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost estimate we are happy to discuss and adjust the scope of work as necessary to suit your budgetary needs.

Step 2: Project Proposal/Construction Agreement

To proceed with a written proposal, design work, and an additional meeting we require a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on your project size, and will be deducted from the contract price should you choose to work with us. After your deposit is received we will send you a Construction Agreement, which provides a more detailed scope of work and payment schedule. You’ll simply sign and return it back to us, and then the real fun begins!

Step 3: Design and Planning

During this phase of the project we provide you with illustrations and drawings to generally show our suggested design based on your project requirements and design needs. We will personally sit down with you to review the initial plans, and will make revisions as needed to ensure that we are on track with your stated goals and budget. Once we are confident that the design plan is complete, we will provide you with a revised budget and final design plans.

Step 4: Scheduling

Once the design plans are approved, we will pull the required permits and develop a detailed schedule for your project. Having a schedule that is clearly communicated and understood keeps all of us on the same page and reduces construction delays and unpleasant surprises.

Step 5: Construction Begins

At this point we are starting to work on the phases of the schedule. This step can vary by project, and at some points feel very slow, but regardless of the specifics, we hope that you will enjoy some time getting to know and feel comfortable with the experienced tradesmen who will be working on your home.

Step 6: Project Implementation

During all phases of the construction project, we strive to maintain a clean, smoke-free, and profanity-free environment. Todd will be on site as needed to oversee each phase of construction and answer your questions. Should any unexpected challenges arise, we’ll address them immediately and find creative solutions that meet your needs, communicating with you every step of the way. During this time you can also expect visits from various building inspectors. These visits sometimes cause construction delays but are necessary to ensure that our work is meeting various safety standards and requirements.

Project Completion

As the project draws to close we will walk through the space with you for a final inspection.  
After we tie up any loose ends and receive your approval, you are ready to decorate, furnish, and enjoy your new space!

We look forward to working with you to make your house the home you’ve always dreamed of!

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