Remodeled Modern Kitchen

Your Safety is Our Priority

We’ve been told to stay home, but that doesn’t mean your home has to stay the same. Let’s work together to continue safely creating homes you want to spend all your time in.

Everything around us is changing so quickly and in response we have put in place creative and dynamic measures that will allow us to construct your dream space while keeping you safe.

Aside from following the government's recommendations of hand-washing, social distancing, and mask wearing, we are implementing these job-site specific procedures:

  • We offer virtual consultations. Once you have contacted us, you will receive an email guiding you through the types of photos to send us and how to create a simple sketch of your space with measurements to the nearest inch. From there, we can provide you with an initial quote.
  • We limit our access to your home by determining the single best way for us to access the work area that ensures minimal traffic through your space.
  • We do not use your family’s bathroom. We will provide alternate restroom accommodations depending on the duration of your project.
  • We wipe down all surfaces we may have contacted (handrails, door knobs, light switches, etc.) with disinfectant that is approved for each particular surface upon arrival, throughout the day, and immediately before leaving.
  • We section off the project area with temporary plastic barrier walls to keep your living space clean and minimize exposure.
  • We monitor the number of workers on site to ensure social distancing and adherence to the governor’s mandates regarding group size.
    *Please Note* This may mean that the duration of projects will increase but the health and safety of all involved is our top priority.
  • We coordinate deliveries to ensure a representative from HIS Corp is present. Delivery personnel will drop off packages/materials outside and a worker will then sanitize and handle the item.

If creating your dream space during times like these means that for a portion of our day we swap our saws for sanitizer, our cords for Clorox, and a little efficiency for distance, then we will happily make those substitutions.

Let’s work together to safely make your house a space in which even the most extroverted among you will love to #stayhome.


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